1. Venmade

    Разработка: Ohconnect, Ohbot, Openstats 5.0

    Официальный анонс разработчика. - Раздел на форуме: https://gamers.host/forum/71-hostbot-support-suggestions/ Hey, I just started developing a new bot, its compatible with our current OHSystem system. The basic point why im calling this is that i've started working more dynamic on a lot parts...
  2. Venmade

    Начата разработка: Openstats 5.0

    https://github.com/gamershost/OpenStats-5.0 https://devcenter.gamers.host/ https://devcenter.gamers.host/index.php?/forum/16-suggestion-ideas/ https://vendev.info/threads/1699/ Окажу ответы на русском языке, а так же дам пояснения.