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Anime Character Fight

Тема в разделе "Описание Карты / Map FAQ", создана пользователем Unryze, 18.07.15.

  1. Unryze

    Команда форума Project Curator

    Genre: Anime Arena
    Suggested Players: 4-6 Players
    Materials: Anime Characters
    Release Date: February 27th, 2014
    Latest Update: March 25th, 2015
    Latest Download: Download
    Latest Sound Patch: Download
    Latest Changelog: Changelog
    Current Size: 6.88 MB


    Anime Character Fight
    is an arena map based on Anime.

    In order to win you either need to reach a certain amount of: Kills or Kill Final Boss.

    Play as your favourite Anime Character. Join the fierce fight between your favourite heroes, be strong and prevail against your enemies!

    This map was based from one of my favourite arena maps, so at first it was just a translation, but then I decided to continue it in my own way ;)

    The true goal of this map is, to be effective, fast and unforgivable. You should react to things fast, in order not to get overwhelmed by your enemies!

    Stay strong and let the power dwell within you!

    The projects acronym is ACF: Anime Character Fight and it consists of the heroes that I always wanted to choose and destroy my enemies with!

    Coming soon!

    • 32 unique heroes

      The numbers of heroes won't change, but I try to change heroes with the new ones I make! Soon there will be much more unique heroes, so be sure to be patient!

    • Each hero has his own "racial item" for 10000 gold

      In each shop you can buy a certificate that has 0 initial costs. However in order to activate certificate and get the item you need 10000 gold. This certificate will automatically give you the exclusive item of the hero. Note: You can buy more than one exclusive item!

    • Set of items that help in fight and boost your stats

      In order to have more flexibility in game, stuff like Kunai, Silence Stone and etc was added. You can throw a kunai into an enemy and stun him, or you can use silence stone to silence him. Some of the other items help in survival and help you make sneak attacks. And regular items that increase attacks/stats and some that give a chance to deal critical damage.

    • A shop with tomes: Exchange gold for Agility/Strength/Exp boost

      Shop of tomes provides you a possibility of buying: +150/+500 experience per tome. +2/+5 Agility or Strength per tome. Or +100 all-stats.

    • -r: Random mode, you can't manually pick a character only through random

      If you set this mode, you will lose the ability of moving your unit. The only way of choosing the hero is to push the Random button. After pushing it you will get a random hero.

    • -s: All pick mode (random is disabled)

      This mode deactivates Random button. So each player is forced to pick a hero manually.

    • -nc: No Cooldown Mode

      No Cooldown mode is mostly for test purposes. I suggest not to use it in multi-player. However it is a good way to test spells.

    • -rpg: RPG mode, with 5000 level cap and stronger adds/boss.

      No Cooldown mode is mostly for test purposes. I suggest not to use it in multi-player. However it is a good way to test spells.

    • For using random to get character you get 300 gold

      Every character gets 300 gold for using random. Even if the mode is -r you will still receive 300 gold.

    • A menu for selecting 20,40,60,80,100, or unlimited number of kills

      A menu pops up before the game beginning, that allows the player on RED slot to decide the total amount of kills required to finish the game.

    • Sound Patch For Map

      In order to save space in the map, sounds were moved into a separate patch. Also this way the sounds will be full quality and this allows players to decided wherever they want to play with sounds or not. Download Patch

    • Bosses on the lanes

      After 3.45 minutes of game play bosses on the left and right lane shall appear that award gold. After being killed another boss appears in 15 seconds.

    • Teleportation Scroll

      Another feature of my map is to save position of the hero via writing -save. This will remember the place of the hero and whenever you use teleportation scroll, it will teleport you to that place.

    • Special Rank

      After killing 8 bosses, a pop-up menu will appear with ranks to choose. After choosing the rank you like a command -T will be available to you. This command allows you to teleport once every 30 seconds to the saved position. You can't teleport while you are stunned!

    • Other features and game play elements such as circles that spawn enemies

      In 4 corners of the map there are circles that spawn mobs for farm. On RPG mode this mobs become much stronger!
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